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Management & Leadership

Whether you own your own business or manage someone someone else's, effective leadership will determine your company's success or failure. It takes a capable leader to manage all the moving parts that will ensure business profitability. Having an experienced business coach on your side will help you grow your leadership skills, build an amazing team, and scale for success.

Community Development

We can all work together to make our community better and stronger. Community development directly impacts the quality of life of the residents of our city and the Central Arkansas region. As a longtime board member for the Little Rock Regional Chamber, I've led positive growth in the areas of education, economic development, and quality of life.

Market Development

Over the years in the banking industry, I've developed meaningful relationships and have helped many small to mid-size business launch and grow. Market development helps businesses plan a growth strategy to identify and develop new market segments for their products and services. Working together, we can identify opportunities to increase market share and diversify product offerings.

Curated Resources for Banks and Businesses

Finding the right services, resources, and tools for growth can be a time-consuming process, but we’ve done the research and legwork for you. We’ve handpicked four outstanding companies we believe are the best of the best.




Hi, I'm Jim Cargill.


I recently retired as president and CEO of Arvest Bank in central, southwest, and northeast Arkansas, where I managed Arvest’s retail, consumer, and commercial banking operations. Throughout my decades of service at Arvest, I tried to personify their mission statement: “People helping people find financial solutions for life.”

I have a deep commitment to the Central Arkansas community and  a passion for excellent customer service. This commitment has been my motivation for launching Back Porch Consulting where I hope to continue serving and helping others find solutions for growth in the areas of leadership and building businesses and communities.

How can I help you?


“Jim is a true leader who has made such a difference in my life. He's a man with many professional accomplishments who has made a far-reaching impact.”

Arvest People Team

Madeline Moore

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