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Back Porch Consulting works with individuals, businesses, nonprofits and community leaders to offer consultations, group presentations, training sessions and keynote addresses.

management and leadership
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management & leadership

A great way for managers and supervisors at all levels to improve their capabilties, inspire their teams, and achieve outstanding business results is through leadership training. Successful leaders are able to transform organizations, create efficiencies, grow their teams, and engage their employees to deliver better results.

Areas of focus

  • How to find and recruit top candidates, building and strengthening your team

  • Developing effective employee retention strategies to keep your best team members

  • How to create and implement performance accountability

  • How to create positive company culture

  • How to create and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies

community development
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Community development provides the foundation to improve the lives of people in our region. It creates strong, diverse communities that are able to attract and keep talent, start and grow businesses, and overcome issues that arise. With effective community development, there is less crime, less disparity between citizens, better jobs available, a more talented workforce, and less overall issues that impact residents.

One of our key areas of expertise is education – both public and private. Working with local school districts and business leaders, we’ve pioneered approaches to education in our communities to improve workforce development and quality of life. We were instrumental in helping the Central Arkansas school districts implement the Ford Next Generation Learning (Ford NGL) program, a collaborative community-driven approach to achieve increased prosperity; a strengthened talent pipeline; and young people prepared for college, careers, lifelong learning, and leadership.

Areas of focus

  • Building positive reputation for your company or nonprofit

  • Planning for the attraction of new business and retention of existing businesses

  • Building great schools that provide equal educational opportunities for all kids

  • How to use education outreach programs to impact workforce development

  • Implementing career preparation and training programs that help young people find better opportunities

market developmet

market development

Market development is the key to growth. While it can feel more comfortable for businesses to continue to cater to their existing niche customer base, it prevents any opportunity for scale. Using market development to grow your company can help you find lucrative new markets with new customers willing to buy your products or services. It can also give you an advantage over your competitors because they may not have any presence in your new market.

Areas of focus

  • How to identify new target markets for your business

  • Researching markets and finding your niche

  • Creating the most efficient approach to solidifying relationships

  • Setting goals for growth

  • Creating and implementing a marketing plan



We’ve partnered with four amazing companies to provide financial services in the areas of loan servicing, insurance, customer-focused apps, and leadership development.

  • BHG Loan Production Products - We believe they offer the most innovative commercial working capital solution on the market — dramatically reducing the time needed to structure, price, and underwrite an unsecured loan.

  • CP Insurance Associates - They provide a wide variety of credit-related insurance products to lending institutions with an emphasis on long-term specialization in all insurance and bonding needs for financial institutions. They can help reduce labor expenses, increase departmental income, improve borrower relations, and decrease loan losses.

  • BOND.AI - Implements AI that connects the financial needs of your clients to your products using genuine, empathetic insight. Their primarily focus is on financial health and growing your institution, and include services like Autopilot, an analytics, monitoring, and marketing suite of tools.

  • Culture Docs - We’ve found they help leadership change the way they think about their organization in order to build an ideal corporate culture that  fosters teamwork, shared goals, and efficient communication.

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